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The extras that come from a partnership with Lenovo and SUSE

Accelerate digital transformation with Lenovo and SUSE

Building on a strategic 20-year partnership of co-innovation success, Lenovo and SUSE empower your business-critical workloads through enterprise-level, interoperable open-source solutions.

Fix and update your security on live systems

Maintaining business continuity is always essential: and now you can avoid downtime during Linux kernel security fixes by leveraging SUSE Live Patching across multiple architectures, allowing applications to run without rebooting your system.

Deliver new capabilities

Deliver new capabilities while also maintaining service reliability

SUSE is the first open-source provider of the cutting-edge Live Patching, a means to optimize Linux security fixes without interrupting critical processes such as analytics, in-memory database SAP HANA solutions, and artificial intelligence applications.

Maximizing IT Uptime

Maximizing IT Uptime and Continuous Service Availability with SUSE

Lenovo and SUSE build on a strategic 20-year partnership of co-innovation success to deliver the enterprise-level, interoperable opensource solutions that empower your optimization of business-critical workload management.

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